Welcome to the DFP

Welcome. This is the home of the DFP.

I’ll be posting some of my home studio music here from time to time and relating my ongoing attempt to become incredibly famous without trying very hard or actually talking to anyone in the music industry.

Steve O’Connor might drop some of his poetry on us from a great height and see if he can kills us with it.

Daisy Anne Gree might stop by and tell us all about her latest writing, or post one of her observations on punk rock, arcana and insanity.

Kevin Dunn might treat us to a few gin-fuelled rants from time to time, and tell us about his local publishing exploits…

Janet is going to be giving is her take on life in the ongoing saga of Disgruntled in Pensylvannia…

And a guy called Aaron might hang around and try to ruin things for everyone, or maybe not, he’s kind of unreliable.

Got something to contribute? Check out the About page and send me an e-mail.


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6 Responses to Welcome to the DFP

  1. k-d- says:

    I wanna post. I want power! I want control!!!!!

  2. Great Southern Steve says:

    send me the e-mail adress you used to register with wordpress and I’ll set you up.

  3. Daisy Anne says:

    I got your comments, and I’d love to join!
    My email is:

  4. mirandabastard says:

    add me!

    p.s. I hate the header.

  5. mirandabastard says:

    oh yeah, I think you need my email. It’s [redacted] at riseup dot net

  6. Janet says:

    Thanks for adding me. Yes, my picture really does look like me. I’m disgruntled, after all.

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